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Carlos Mozo is a photographer and filmmaker based in Asturias, Spain. 

Worldwide available, his passion for traveling and meeting new people will take HIM anywhere to capture unique life moments. 


I was born in 1995 in Asturias, Spain and developed an early interest for photography and filmmaking since I was a kid. I started back in 2007 with a little point and shoot camera which I used to make short clips of my family and friends. After a while my dad bought me my first DSLR camera and I started exploring with it. In 2011 I joined a video workshop that took place in the Europahaus, Aurich (Germany) and established a good friendship with the Dutch producer and filmmaker Wieger de Jong. Since then, I attended for two more years as an assistant and finally became a workshop leader, attending every year to teach the basics of movie making to students from 4 different countries in the international seminar. Wieger de Jong marked a turning point in my career helping me to decide what I should do to make a living from my passion.

After dropping out university, where I was coursing English Studies, I decided to become a freelance to offer the best service for couples who wanted a professional memory of their wedding day. My career has also led into advertising and lifestyle photography services. Working with companies to shoot dishes, cocktails and fashion as well as jewelry design has helped me to take a step further into getting the best quality.



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Calle Fontán 3-5 4D. 33009 Oviedo, Asturias. Spain










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