Willing to travel the seven seas to tell your story! 

How did I start doing this?


I was born in 1995 in Asturias, Spain and developed an early interest for photography and filmmaking since I was a kid.

I started back in 2007 with a little point and shoot camera which I used to make short clips of my family and friends. After a while my dad bought me my first camera and I started exploring with it.

I got the chance to make a short video at a friends wedding, they loved it and I started doing them every now and then. Now I can say I work full time on capturing emotions at weddings and it is a dream that has come true for me.  

The better I know you, the better I’ll work!


I will be there for you, your wedding is one of the happiest days in your life, and I want to get to know you the better I can so I understand you passions and needs, that is the best way to get a personal and intimate video of you. 

But its not all about getting emotional! For me weddings are about having fun, I love when couples get wild and forget about the camera. Just say fuck it and have fun, enjoy family and friends. Emotions show up when you feel relaxed and comfortable, that is why for me it is very important that you feel as good as possible. 

So please, tell me about your story, how you met, what are your hobbies and what you love of each other. I do this because I really enjoy my work, I put my heart and soul into it and I need your help to tell your story!